About ROSA Cape Town 2015

God doesnt want to give you a house. God doesnt want to give you a car. God doesnt want to give you money. God doesnt even want to give you health. That may come as a shocking statement to some, but that is the truth. God has already given you everything you need for life. He has given you His Word, and His Word makes you what it talks about: Divine health, abundant prosperity, unending joy and peace, success unlimited and liquid love.

This is what Reach Out South Africa is about – spreading God’s love all over the nation of South Africa; in every province, in every street, in every¬† home – to every soul.

We are impacting lives, influencing societies, and affecting our world with the good news of Jesus Christ, one Rhapsody at a time.

South Africa is a gift – Our Gift, Our Home, Our Land; and we will build, raise, and equip her until we will present her back to the giver, Papa God.

Through ROSA (Reach Out South Africa), we will build the Nation of South Africa, the most beautiful land on this planet.

Join us in reaching out, expand your reach through your prayers, your partnership, and your able hands, because together we can make real and lasting change where it matters the most – in the hearts of men.

ROSA 2015 – touching lives and building our nation

Posted on January 31, 2014 in Outreach, ROSA

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